Cuddle time and sharing stories

When all the excitement of our reunions have calmed down, we all sat in bed to watch catch-up TV – Graham Norton and Downton Abbey.  George cuddling up for extra loving! 

George and I pretended to be interested but …IMG_6026IMG_6023We were a little tired from the day’s events …





IMG_4641But even Mummy dozed off 🙂

But when we all woke up again, we shared our stories from when we were away.

I had fun as usual running and playing with all the other doggies at House of Mutt.Hom ! Yes, Mummy, I was behaving like a real dog!!!HoM 2George had more of a city life. He told us how he played with Bobby all day till they were zonked! 10710972_10152352023472644_4488362487630703176_n… and he even tried on an Equafleece10301355_10152351326977644_6338080826571948232_nAnd when he had some time off, he went on search of the cats! Seriously, George –  they are really not so keen on us dogs.unnamed

Mummy had a really good trip.  She saw a lot of friends but she was particularly sad to say goodbye to all the doggies she had met along the way.

First there was little Bennie in New York.IMG_5271 Then lovely Wilson in Chicago …IMG_5388 And Lily who wouldn’t sit still for a photo until she was in her Mummy’s arms.unnamed And there was Mimi and Quincy the Miami Malteses. IMG_5815There’s the most mischievous cockapoo Oreo in Fort Lauderdale.IMG_5719And last but not least, beautiful Bella, the labradoodle in D.C.IMG_5915I think she really missed the doggies. Thank goodness George and I are both here to help her adjust back to life in the slow lane.

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