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Oh wow! Look at all these goodies and pressies you brought back, George. Thank you!

Oh, are these from Nikko’s granny? A red birdie for me and a blue for you!  Thank you Claire!Thank you Hilary!Thank you Quincy for my heart! I hope some day we will meet. And Beef Bourguignon treats from Mummy? I guess she knows me well. LOL! Which one should we play with first?

So, Georgie, did you have a good time in the US of A?

George: It was an amazing experience. It was a long trip – taxis, trains, ferry, more trains and planes to cross a very large ocean. We got there in the end. I met a lot of our friends – both doggies and hoomans.We walked through Central Park just twice – our days were filled with meeting friends.

But I saw only some of the sights that you had seen – like I said, we were too busy and too little time to go to Strawberry Fields, we didn’t walk the Brooklyn Bridge, we didn’t go to the 9/11 memorial, nor the west side and we didn’t even manage to go to other doggy stores – just two when Mummy promised we would go to all the best ones!  I think we need to return to do more things and maybe even go further afield and visit our pooch friends in other states – like say, Los Angeles! LOL! Wouldn’t that be fun? We can run on the beach and go to all of Mummy’s favourite stores.

Darcy: I remember fondly the time I was there. I too met cousin Molly.Maybe someday we will both go together.

Well, my days at the House of Mutt were simply splendid!I ran with a grin on my faceI rolled – even the other dogs were wondering what I was so gleeful about!I went for a dip in ponds though no swimming. We played in the fields freely.And we ran through woods. It’s very different in the countryside, isn’t it?  Maybe you’ll come with em the next time, George. I think you will have a lot of fun too. But you cannot do a runner!

I also had a very productive time at the House of Mutt practising my agility skills and learning new ones. The hurdles and A frames, tunnels and the ramp were easy for me. I learnt to do the see-saw. I have to do it slowly because the sound of the see saw crashing behind me still startles me. Slowly, slowly I’ll get the idea that it’s just the see saw.

But, Mummy did I tell you I almost did the slalom?

I think I got the concept. I missed most of the turns the first time and then by the end I got the side-stepping bit but slowly. Maybe by the next time I’m back at the House of Mutt I will learn to do it properly.  I like agility because at the end of every section I get treats! George, do you think you would want to give it a try or too complicated?

May’s comment: We are altogether again.  We’re back to routines and work!  We’re home for awhile … lots of friends coming to visit the next couple of weeks so we London-bound.

And then we’re going our separate ways again! Off to see my other favourite living being!!!

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  1. Claire

    You’re welcome Miss Darcy and George!
    Maybe I will get to see you and your Mummy this Autumn………….shh…… hoping to visir relatives this coming October.

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