Shopping the Sales!

The Pet Kingdom at Harrods is being closed down to make way for more women’s wear! So they actually have a clearance sale at The Pet Kingdom.

It’s quite sad – everyone we know are really disappointed.  The end of an era.

We don’t agree with selling puppies or kittens or any baby animals for that matter – but other than that, The Pet Kingdom had been such a special place – not only because that’s the only place we pets were allowed to go to, but sometimes pets are left there for pet- sitting while their Mummies shopped. But more than that, it was a lovely place for anyone coming to visit London to bring something home for their pets from Harrods.

Anyway, today we came because of the sales. We thought it would be a lot crazier – but we didn’t join the queues.  And since they have been haven a clearance sale at The Pet Kingdom since their announcement a few weeks ago, they have started their sale already.

As always, we have to wait to be escorted through the department store to The Pet Kingdom on the 4th Floor.


Mummy had seen a parka that looked like hers and thought she’ll get it for me at 50% off!


We tried on other things but we didn’t like them that much – and Mummy decided to wait it out and see if they go down any further.

IMG_9260Hmmm. The blue actually looks a lot better than we thought.  Might have to come back and try our luck.

We liked the Mungo & Maud bed but that wasn’t on sale!


At the Canine Cookie Company we bought my favourite Beef and Yorkshire Pudding treats. And I like their pupcorn too.  None of these were on sale.


Oops! Hi Mr. Rhino – I guess we are in The Pet Kingdom.


May’s comment: It’s a real shame that Harrods seems to have lost their ethos. It was always a place where you can go and find anything. But for the reason of profitability, new management had decided to close down The Pet Kingdom. I do not think puppies should be sold in stores for obvious reasons as they are not objects, but The Pet Kingdom was always a place where people come to be amazed by – and it fulfilled the unexpected – that only in Harrods is no longer true.

Only Mungo & Maud will exist next to Housewares. Maybe they could consider getting other Pet Brands in the store. This means our shopping days at Harrods are soon over.

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