Showing Miss Susan My London

Miss Susan V came to stay with us for a few days. She lives in Milan. When I was there in March I did not get to meet her. So now we’ve finally met.

We took her to some of our favourite places. She wanted to have fish ‘n’ chips so we went to Thomas Cubitt. I couldn’t wait to get inside!

IMG_7757 I was a bit antsy, so Mummy put me on her lap to calm me down. I was also thirsty from the heat.IMG_7724 And they nicely brought me a bowl of water. Thank you.IMG_7742 But when the fish ‘n’ chips arrived,

20140613_183320I was in my usual stance – hoping that I will be handed something. This time it happened. Had a few chips! 🙂IMG_7747 After an early supper, we walked along the very pretty Elizabeth Street. IMG_7718 We had to show her our favourite cake shop – Peggy PorschenIMG_7751Susan was really pleased. We were still full from supper so we did not stop to have Mummy’s favourite red velvet.IMG_7753And as it was such a beautiful day, we decided to walk home. Along the way, Susan took lots of pictures to show her sons back in Milan what London looks like.IMG_7761 Especially the one that says that Vivien Leigh lived there.  She took that for her Daddy.IMG_7765Mummy went into Peter Jones – no dogs allowed, so Susan and I stayed outside waiting for Mummy.IMG_7773

We walked on through the park at St. Luke’s Church – dogs are not allowed off lead here so I was pulling trying to have a run around but no go!

IMG_7777At this point I knew we were going to Dri Dri Gelateria!IMG_5476-2But I didn’t get an ice cream this time.  Boo!

It was a long day and I couldn’t wait to get home for my supper.

Now we’re back home and I’m resting before my last walk for the day.IMG_7779I hope Miss Susan likes my London. 🙂


  1. We have to take the poo’s to visit when Peggy is in the parlour next time x

  2. Susan

    Yes, Miss Darcy I loved your London. Thank you and Mummy for sharing it with me!
    Hope to see you in Milan one day! Ciao! s.xx

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