Sights & Smells of Stockholm

As we take off looking at the sun coming up in the skies over Stockholm, Mummy and I had a quick re-cap of all the sights and smells we’ve experienced. It’s been a really lovely visit.IMG_4543From the moment we landed, the bus ride through the streets of Stockholm, we already could tell there will be a lot of dogs.IMG_4163 I met a few – Bertha and Chapeau, Soya (the only cockapoo) and of course Zavia!IMG_4299 IMG_4364

We walked around a whole island!!! And felt the cold of the water when I accidentally fell in! ;(

IMG_4464 IMG_4470We took the subway, the bus and the tram. And learnt that we needed to be designated carriages fro dogs.
IMG_4269 IMG_4267 We walked along busy streets and went shoppingIMG_4368 IMG_4371 We went to lovely restaurants that were dog friendly …IMG_4529We loved the Old City cobbled streets and pretty store windowsIMG_4413And we went to visit castles and gardens and ran with other dogs.IMG_4486 IMG_4424 IMG_4464Phew! I am tired from all that running around from island to island, park to park and going to new places all the time. The sights and smells – all new and intriguing.  Mummy can you blog all that for me?IMG_4194May’s comment: We were so lucky with the weather which allowed us to do much without worrying about getting muddy. We had a really lovely visit with Catarina. Even then by day 4, Miss Darcy needed a quick bath before we boarded another flight.

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