Slay that dragon wild George!

Mum waited till the next morning to get George while I went for doggy day care.

I needed to run after all those train and car rides. Besides I think Mum wanted time with George.

George was happy to see Mum – in his quiet way. She stopped for a cup of tea and had a chat with Annie and all George wanted to do was sit with Mum.

It’s been a month since we’ve seen him. He stayed with Jaffa in the countryside – and did two runners. Once he disappeared during their daily walks. Just gone. Camilla waited for half an hour and decided to go on home as she thought he might have made his way home. ON the way she had told two passers-by about the little black dog. As soon as she got home her phone rang and they had found George. He had gone back to exactly where he had disappeared from view. When he saw Camilla, he was barking his head off – annoyed that she had left him. Think he must have been worried not to see Camilla when he returned. That is so George. He thinks the world revolves around him. He goes off and does whatever he wants and expects everyone to wait for him.

The second time he was in the garden when the gate opened as someone drove in. In a flash he escaped. The garden is completely fenced in and he could not get out any other way. As this was the countryside, there was no knowing which way he had gone. Camilla left the front gate and back door open … and it was two and a half hours later when George wandered into the house, went for a drink of water and flopped down onto a bed – like nothing happened. That was the last time he was allowed off lead.

Mum was imagining an angry farmer and George in a pot of boiling hot water.

That little daredevil obviously did a lot of running – and when he came back both times, he was hobbling on his other leg – the one that was not operated on. And Mum was told he struggled for awhile.

And Annie also told Mum that he was struggling to walk, they went and got him anti-inflammatory and he didn’t want to play with Stan – they are the best of friends.

All that time while Mum and Annie were speaking, Stanley was killing the dragon that Mum brought him.

What do you think, Stan?

Are you a dragon slayer to?

Once home, George slayed his Ljubljana dragon too – though gently nibbling it.

Welcome home, George. No more adventures for you!

But of course we were both a bit of a mess …

And we both had our spa appointments at Love My Human – so Mum can cuddle us both in bed tonight.

May’s comment: I was kept up to date on what George did. Well, it would be unusual to not have incidences with George. He is still wild! But you got to love him.

I am worried about his leg and amazingly as the vet prescribed – after five days of anti-inflammatory he is not limping. I don’t think it is advisable for him to be going on long walks – he will be walking on lead. But the problem is when he isn’t allowed to unleash his crazy self, then he is harbouring a lot of energy. Not sure what to do.

So we are all safely under one roof again.

Till our next adventure!


  1. Cheryl

    I’m so glad everybody is home together, safe and sound!
    George needs a petfinder tag. I see they now have ones that have a wider range.
    Thank you for all your photos and commentary, I’ve enjoyed traveling vicariously through you.

  2. Liz Burman

    Pleased to see the little trio back together again. George is a little monkey isn’t he! He seems to know his way around though, just likes to keep everyone on their toes!😄

  3. Julia Bates

    Oh my word 2.5 hours! What an adventure the little monkey 😂 At least gets knew the way home.

  4. Laura

    I think George was looking for you!❤️ Little rascal.

  5. MARGARET Danks

    Oh George! You really mustn’t run away on your adventures.

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