Bartok, Echo, Ulysses and Bam Bam – Super Heroes?

Today, it is George reporting on life in the neighbourhood where small dogs have big names!

We’ve often seen Bartok, an Affenpincher who loves close by.  Bartok is seven.IMG_0255Every time we run into each other, his mummy always asks if I have some Affenpincher in me.IMG_0253Really? Do you think so?IMG_0269We may have the same colouring but our bodies are not even similar, different tails, different legs!IMG_0270Yeah, Bartok, you tell your mummy it’s just because we’re both small and black, grey with a hint of white.IMG_0274 Just as we had finished our conversation about my DNA, we meet Echo who is a Havanese and 14 years old!IMG_0279 There’s no mistaken identity here – same colouring and same size but no relation.IMG_0281And just outside our gate, bounding up to say hello was Ulysses the Jack Russell. IMG_0559I told him off for being over eager in his approach – so he was then a little wary of me.IMG_0560We walked a little further and we meet Bam-Bam at Chelsea Green! IMG_0290Now Bam-Bam – we don’t know what she is. She’s not related to Fred Flinstone for sure.IMG_0369Border terrier and Chihuahua? But when we found out that she is the dog in resident at Geales & Rufus –IMG_0372Well, I think we’ve found another dog-friendly restaurant in Chelsea!!! IMG_0375It’s partly connected to the well-renowned fish and chips restaurant in Notting Hill – this is Geales & Rufus.  Bam-bam belongs to Rufus.IMG_0343Of course Mummy had fish and chips.

Oh yes, how about some of those chips?IMG_0360 And some fish?IMG_0361But we were soon relegated to our usual position.IMG_0374While we sat and waited for her to consume her delicious meal.

May’s comment: The owner is part owner of Geales in Notting Hill who does not allow dogs inside – had a meal in the summer sitting outside. IMG_0366But this Geales & Rufus has its own dog, Bam-Bam who greets every customer and sits with them while they eat. IMG_0371So when you’re shopping along King’s Road which is predominantly dog-friendly – you will be spoilt for choice as to where to take your dog for a nice lunch or supper. Geales is at 1 Cale St, London SW3 3QT

Some of the other dog-friendly restaurants (not just pubs) along King’s Road or just off it for indoor dining are:

  • Chelsea Quarter Cafe (all-day breakfasts, afternoon tea) – 219 King’s Road
  • OKA (Asian fusion) – 251 King’s Rd, Chelsea SW3 5EL
  • Made in Italy (rustic pizzeria) – 249 King’s Rd, London SW3 5EL
  • Brgr. Co (burger) – 127 Kings Road, LondonSW3 4PW
  • Nell’s (brunch, lunch, daily changing salads and main courses) – 191 King’s Road, London SW3
  • JUICE Baby (healthy option of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, savoury foods and sweet treats) – 398 King’s Road
  • Finns of Chelsea (a caterer but also serves ready made food) – 4 Elystan St, London SW3 3NS
  • Cuisine de la bar by Poilane (cafe) – 39 Cadogan Gardens, London, UK SW3 2TB
  • Colbert (French cafe) – 50-52 Sloane Square, London SW1W 8AX
  • The Botanist (simple modern British food) – 7 Sloane Square, London SW1W 8EE
  • La Pizzeria – Chelsea Farmers Market, 125 Sydney Street, Chelsea, London SW3 6NR
  • Polpo (Venetian Small Plates) – Duke of York Square
  • Cafe Mess (eclectic all-day cafe) – Saatchi Gallery at Duke of York Square

Outdoor seating only –

  • Bluebird Cafe (European food) – 350 King’s Rd, London SW3 5UU
  • Bumpkin (British brasserie) – 119 Sydney Street just next to the Chelsea Farmer’s Market
  • Manicomo – Duke of York Square
  • The Market Place Restaurant – Chelsea Farmers Market, 125 Sydney Street, London SW3 6NR

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