Smooth sailing … rest of the way home

Once we got to Schipol Airport, it was smooth sailing.

I got a ride on the trolley as we went through the airport.IMG_4816Once we collected Mummy’s bag, we jumped on a train to Rotterdam Central. There was no need to buy train tickets as we were on a Rail-and-Sail package.

At Rotterdam, we had about half an hour before the connecting train to Hoek van Holland.IMG_4820From the train platform,
IMG_4821we went straight into the ferry terminal.
IMG_4823 We had to be checked by DEFRA – I am usually not afraid of them but this guy wasn’t particularly “simpatico” and as he put the microchip reader in front of me – I wasn’t sure what he was doing so I got nervous and barked at him. Of course Mummy wasn’t pleased (with him for being so un-dogfriendly and me for barking!) but she knew he was scaring me. So she held me while he searched for my microchip.IMG_4824Not that I wasn’t going to pass that test but with all that had happened, Mummy was just nervous about every thing!

We went pass check-in and immigration – and we’re on our way … a long walk on the rampIMG_4828… straight to the kennels. This time I was completely ok with it.

Mummy made my bad and left me my water bowl.  And I even tried to jump into it but it was too high.

Mummy said “goodnight” and I went to lie down.
IMG_4831 And there I slept, getting up to have a peek when another dog came in – a puppy Doberman. IMG_4832But he didn’t bother me. I slept through the whole night. Mummy watched me from her cabin.

The ferry sailed smoothly and the night went by pretty quickly. It was still dark when we left the ferry at 06.30. The train wasn’t running, we had to take the bus that took us back to Liverpool Station – where we ran through earlier in the week to catch our train to begin our journey.

So we’ve done it all – train, ferry, plane, car, buses!  The best part – going home.

May’s comment: How amazing – Darcy went into the kennel and laid down. No barking when I left her and she just went to sleep. That way I didn’t have to figure out how to smuggle her into my cabin 🙂

Well, it was an adventure. We’re staying home … for a few days before going on a road trip – only to Sussex! 🙂  But with two dogs!

Waiting to see George for some quality time!


  1. Alison Mullett

    Glad you’re both home safely. George will be pleased to see you

  2. good girl Darcy

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