So am I going with you?

The bag is out again! Clothes are strewn all over the bed. And I want to make sure that Mummy’s aware that I have noticed…I wonder if we’re going with her this time.  The last time she sneaked us away for Walkies but I knew.  I was very upset.
Today she took me to the groomers – along with JaffaIs that a good sign or was she pawning me off again?  Apparently, after she left me, she took George to Stanley’s.  And the first thing George did – he helped himself to the rest of Stanley’s breakfast and feeling so at home, he asked to go out into the garden.They each had a pee and more peeing, and there George stayed while Stanley was waiting for him to come back in.However, when Mummy was about to leave, George looked worried. So Annie picked him up and gave him a hug.Stanley said reassuringly, “Don’t worry George.  You’ll be squirrelling and then we’ll be playing together.”“You’re gonna be alright.”

What does that mean for me? George is at Stanley’s. Do I go to the House of Mutt or am I going with her?  Still unsure – not until Mummy came to pick up Jaffa and I from the groomers at Love My Human.And she asked for a pink ribbon in my ear. That was a good hint that I won’t be going to The House of Mutt. I would not be groomed to go play in the countryside. Once home, I saw what else was going into the bags! Top right: my tote bag, my new Hindquarters leash, my trench coat, a pink scarf and a pink bow!  I think it will be a pink theme this weekend. So it looks like it’s a “Me & Mummy trip”!

May’s comment:  Yup! She knew I’m off somewhere again. And this time, she wanted me to know that she knows something was happening.  We’re off to a weekend birthday bash in Düsseldorf! And then to Helsinki to see some friends. It’s easy taking my dogs to Düsseldorf but the trip to Helsinki is a bit more complicated.

Taking Darcy this time – and she’s also been invited to two of the weekend events. Two dogs would be overstepping our welcome, I think.

George will be staying at Stanley’s. I know he will be well looked after and he will be happy playing with Stanley – as they continue their bromance.We’re taking the ferry from Harwich International to Hoek van Holland, and then local transportation to Amsterdam and then the train to Dusseldorf. Much awaits us – friends to see, places to visit and parties to attend!  We’ll be blogging! See you when we’re over on the continent!



  1. Cheryl

    Safe travels! Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Kathy

    Have a safe trip Mayans Darcy! And have a great time!

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