“Soif” is not what it looks like …

It’s not an alternative to something, as in “so if” something happens …

Soif is French for “thirst”!  That’s what Mummy learnt. đŸ™‚

We went to visit Marley and took a walk across part of Clapham Common on our way to lunch  at this new place that Yaena told us about. The decor is rustic chic.

And very considerate Yaena folded up her coat for Marley and myselfBut Marley wasn’t so pleased that I took up two-thirds of the coat.  He was wondering why I was even on the coat and rebelled – he wouldn’t sit down on it. Sorry, Marley. I wish Mummy would be so considerate and bring us something to sit on each time instead of lying on hard-tiled or wooden floors.

The beautifully presented food arrived and I had a sniff but no burratta for me.Marley and I preferred Yaena’s venison!“Are you going to eat that, mummy?” asked MarleySea bream for mains?  Mummy are you going off meat? What’s the deal? What’s happened to burgers and steaks and chips?

After the hoomans had re-fuelled, we went for a walk in the Commons. A run through the woody parts searching for squirrels While Marley was socialising with his friends on the Common But the days are short and soon the sun was setting And it was time to head back home.

Well, it’s been a lovely day spent with Marley And walking in Clapham Common.

May’s comment:  Our French restaurant list is growing! We try to review one dog-friendly restaurant a week – so keep it coming so we can continue to expand our human and dog activities far and wide not just in Central London. Soif has been added to our Wine & Dine list.

Soif is a rustic-chic restaurant in Clapham serving daily limited menus of modern French fare, and of course a long list of mainly French wines. Lovely walk across the Common with pooch to lunch. Located at 27 Battersea Rise, London SW11 1HG

Besides Soif, Cornish Tiger, Nutbourne, Butcher’s Grill and The Prince Albert Pub are some of the dog friendly restaurants south of the river.


  1. Frank Gee

    Looks great when next time up in London for catch-up. X

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