Some turkey, please?

We had Thanksgiving dinner with Rusty and his family at Joe Allen’s in Covent Garden.You see, Rusty’s a half American cocker and his daddy is all American – and we celebrated with them.The hoomans all had turkeyRusty was curiousand I tried to get some off the plate!Unsuccessfully! Darn!

But we did have our own Turkey dinner by Butternut Box at home

not before we said grace.  Thank goodness Mummy’s list of thanks was succinct and included everyone and everything in two sentences – or we might never have made it out the door for Thanksgiving dinner!

We had a lovely walk around Covent Garden looking at the lights.The lovely window displaysAnd visited Petersham Nurseries.It sure is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

May’s comment: Sharing a Thanksgiving Dinner with friends at dog-friendly Joe Allen in Covent Garden.  When we were there with three dogs, we had several people stop at our table to say how pleased they were to see dogs inside the restaurant. Address: 2 Burleigh St, London WC2E 7PX

Been trying out Butternut Box meals with Darcy and George – there’s no doubt they like them and seem to have taken well to it.


  1. Davina Lawrence

    Darcey and George what good dogs you were waiting for mummy to say grace. Johnny wouldn’t do that

  2. Daniel Hall

    When I initially read the name of the restaurant above, its name appeared to be familiar. Then at the bottom of the menu I saw the NYC address for its other restaurant — on “restaurant row” — West 46 Street — in NYC’s theater district. No dogs inside restaurants here in NYC unfortunately. So glad the restaurant accepts them in London and that others liked seeing the dogs there. I hope you all enjoyed your turkey dinners.

  3. Judith Vogel

    What a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration!
    Mouthwatering delicious food!
    I’m so impressed the dogs stood at attention during the blessing!
    Great training May!
    With love
    Judy Jim Bennie

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