Someone ate the books – and it wasn’t us!

Some clever dog ate part of these books and made alphabets out of them!!!! Maybe the dog didn’t like the stories. Promise it wasn’t us.IMG_6115 We were doing some Christmas shopping with Mummy at Antropologie and found a whole library of books all eaten up to form letters.IMG_6458

But there was one not chewed up book …IMG_6459She said it sounded like one of our days!

In the store, there were lots of interesting things/smellsIMG_6109 And thought this was a sweet tea towel – dog and cat sitting next to each other? Must be Christmas.IMG_6113 And more alphabet things like these tree ornaments – a “D”IMG_6122 That’s a “G” for GeorgeIMG_6127 And Mummy paused as she saw this and told us – there’s so much truth in this …IMG_6108

May’s comment: Shopping at Anthropologie – boho-chic womenswear, shoes, accessories & home decor.  Address: 131-141 King’s Rd, London SW3 4PW

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