Something happened when Eric came to visit

When Eric from New York came to visit he called “He-Who-Has-No-Name” – Dinky!  Oops! That was my fault. I’ve been calling him names – but it was for fun. I wouldn’t make fun of his size.IMG_4750 He was giving HWHNN lots of hugs while I sat and watched all the attention-giving – giving Eric a funny look – thought you wanted to meet me!IMG_4752Then he turned and told me I’m sweet too.IMG_4736 Then I started to rub my face and he thought it was funny.IMG_4739That’s when HWHNN thought I was playing – so he came over and started to give me a hug or rather tried to straddle me …IMG_4745 And we started to playIMG_4744 We started to tumble around and around and around –IMG_4746When Mummy and Eric were getting ready to leave for dinner, we had by then moved into the next room and still tumbling,IMG_4684 Playing, ignoring that Mummy was actually leaving us behind.IMG_4692May’s comment: That was their first real play time together – this is how Darcy plays with her cockapoo friends.

At the beginning HWHNN would try and get Darcy to play and she would get annoyed with him. While Darcy was patient with him, HWHNN was persistent.  Bit by bit she tolerated his antics. Finally today they really played together. I was worried that she might be too big and crush him – but no, he has no idea that he’s half her size and half her weight! He’s a playful one and it’s good for her that she stops being so serious.  Hmmm. There’s something to learn from this.


  1. Nicola

    I think it is perhaps time for Dinky to be given a proper name: whether he stays with you or not, he does need a name. I think that Dinky suits him myself, although I’ve not met him. He is small and cute, but very much his own person. Dinky?! And he is very much intergrating with your little family….

  2. Laura Cordovano

    Happy, happy! So wonderful to see such joy. Hi to Eric! Xo

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