Something scary?

There’s something scary in the air – must be that time of year when we get to dress up like wizards, witches, ghosts and other scary things.

And that’s exactly what we would love for your pooches to come as for the next Hyde Park Doodle Meet next Sunday, 27th October.

And yes, you are more than welcome to dress up too!

There will be three prizes from for scariest costume, most creative costume and even a Halloween costume can be cute!

–       Hindquarters orange collar and black lead that will complement any Halloween costume – scary or not, fab for going on Trick or Treat walkabouts.

A very cool Distinguished Dog Company Bow Tie to wear even when Halloween is all over – well, good for upcoming Thanksgiving too.

And of course what doggy prize does not include treats? Thank you Beautiful Joe’s!

In addition to all the excitement of dressing up, Cam from The DogNutritionist will definitely be giving out treats. Maybe he will even give you a few tricks on how to get your dog running fit!

We look forward to seeing you all – dressed up or not!

May’s comment: Can’t wait to see you all behind the Serpentine Gallery (Kensington Gardens) at 11am.

Cam is one of the founders of London’s first dog running company, where its ethos was to improve the lives of City dogs. Running hundreds, maybe thousands of miles with dogs. He saw first hand how much food was affecting the dog’s he cared for.

Food affects everything so strongly, it can alter a dog’s predisposition towards health and disease, because everything is what they eat. 

Cam is a certified London Dog Nutritionist. BA (Hons) Dip.Canine.Nutrigenomics


  1. Cheryl

    Oh how we’d love to be there! We’re sure it’s going to be so fun. My husband loves Freddie, and hopes to see if/what Freddie dresses up as.
    Enjoy the day!🎃👻


    I’m sure that will be quite a meeting for Halloween, and jolly good prizes. I love The Distinguished Dog Bow Tie Company’s prize, the orange touch is lovely and the little bone. Have a lovely time, hope the weather is kind for you all, cheerio for now. xxx

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