Around a London “square” – at Sloane Square

Now that we’re all back in London, we continue our exploration of dog-friendly places. 

Continuing on from mainly dog-friendly retail on King’s Road and the Duke of York Square, we moved onto Sloane Square and checked out some of the more high-end stores – like Tiffany & Co.IMG_0350_2 Well, what do you know?!!?!?!  Yes, we are allowed in the store.IMG_0348_2 And next door was Cartier. The doorman was not allowed to keep the door open for us doing a photo op, so we had to stand outside – but knowing that we can go in.IMG_0353 We wanted to take a photo in front of the jelly bean collecting of colours at Smythson.IMG_0358And David MellorIMG_0370

There are a few restaurants around the square that allow dogs inside certain areas of their premises.  At The Botanist …IMG_0367There’s an area near the bar in the front where we are allowed to go in.

IMG_0364And Colbert too – allow us into the bar area. But it’s a popular stop and often busy.
IMG_0374Like today, there were no tables available – and thankfully

IMG_0371It was a lovely day so we sat outside.IMG_0385 To watch the world go by (except I was facing the wrong way …IMG_0387maybe not – as I am more interested with what’s on the tableIMG_0378 That’s a cappuccino – is anything else coming?IMG_0389 Guess not!IMG_0392_2May’s comment: We checked out Sloane Square for dog-friendliness! And it passed our test!


  1. Julia

    I love how she looks longingly at whatever you’re eating/drinking. So cute x

  2. Judith Vogel

    What an expression on your face Miss Darcy!
    It’s a photo worth a thousand words!

  3. Laura cordovan

    Omg. Love the shot with the cup full and the cup empty. How can your mum torment you like that? 🙂 xo

  4. Tracey Ralph ruby

    Fabulous shopping trip may……
    Did you really just end up with a cappuccino & 2 pairs of sad doggy eyes?? 🙂 xx
    Tracey, Ralph & ruby

  5. Tracey Ralph & ruby

    Loving your global trotting a in the DM X

  6. Tracey Ralph & ruby

    Ha I was so excited to see you both in my bedtime reading!! X

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