Tomorrow … Cornwall

So excited. Even though it’s another long train ride ahead of us – five hours.  But no worries – we’re seasoned travellers.  We’ve done longer train rides and this time we don’t have to change trains.

But we’ll meet Meg and Melissa half way! They’re coming from Bath and we from Paddington Station in London.  Our trains arrive at St. David’s station and from there we will travel to St. Erth together.  I am sure Mummy and Meg will be busy talking and I get Melissa to myself. She gives me nice massages.

We will only get into St. Ives after 17.30.  But looking forward to running on the beach again!!!

May’s comment: Always wanted to go to Cornwall. As usual you never seem to get around to it until a visitor from out-of-town is going and you tag along.


  1. Melissa and I can’t wait to explore St. Ives with you and Darcy!

  2. Maggie

    Looking forward to you paving the way, and telling us all about it, where to stay and go!! Thank you, we love reading your posts.x

    • Miss Darcy

      Thank you!!! We just got in and it’s absolutely breathtaking and wet!!! But that’s to be expected.

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