Storytime with Father Christmas

We arrived at Father Christmas’s station in Westminster – 

This reminded me of the blue light that we experienced in the Arctic circle when we travelled to Norway last year.  We didn’t see Father Christmas then but we’re getting to meet him this year.
I was so excited, I rushed in without being asked to but Father Christmas was most welcoming and happy to see me – in my Christmas jumper!
We had our photos taken –
So we have evidence that we met Father Christmas!
Poppi and Oscar behaved impeccably at 17 weeks – its their first Christmas!

And when all that photo taking was done, Father Christmas read us a story about Little Robin Red Vest.

May’s comment: We met Father Christmas – thank you Grosvenor Estate and Belgravia London 

For letting our fur kids join in the tradition of meeting Father Christmas. 

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  1. Jill Keiser

    That is the most beautiful Christmas story and didn’t Darcy and George make lovely Christmas cards with Santa, both individually and together!

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