Peek-a-boo Sun!

We went in search of the sun today. It is after all the Summer Solstice – the day with the most hours of sunshine. But we didn’t see a lot of it.

The sun decided to play hide-n-seek!!!

But we did go to the park to meet Marley – IMG_7569and together we went in search for it.IMG_7579Marley had a good idea – she thought maybe the sun will be amongst the tall grass.IMG_7580But definitely not under the trees, guys!IMG_7568And definitely not in the Ladies toilet in the park!IMG_7575Oh look! Georgie and Marley –  you’re in the shade. If you look behind you – there’s some sun!IMG_7578 Mummy did wake up at sunrise and as sunlight came through our window, she said – “Hello, sun!” and then fell asleep again. She had told us that she had ideas on what to do on this longest day of the year – to make the full use of it. We knew it would never happen.

But we did commemorate this day at sundown … IMG_7582While the sun was still playing peek-a-boo behind clouds, with some vino at Maze Grill! IMG_7588They love us there!

May’s comment: Learnt that Summer Solstice comes from the Latin solstitium meaning ‘sun stands still’ – because the sun heading north, stops at the Tropic of Cancer before returning southwards.

This also mean that from today- the nights will start to get longer and the days will become shorter. Sigh! Seasons come and go so fast.

But till then, enjoy the elusive British Summer!  It’s coming!

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