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Are you getting dressed again?

When Mummy opens up her wardrobe to changes her clothes – it becomes a guessing game. Read more…

Sawadee ka! Kin Phet Mai Dai

That means, “Hello! I can’t eat spicy food” in Thai.

We went to Suksan, a Thai restaurant on our road for the first time. You see, one of the achievements of the Doggy Street Party on Sunday was converting them into a dog-friendly restaurant!  Hip! Hip! Hooray!

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สวัสดี (Sawadee)

This is Tum!  He works at Suksan, a Thai restaurant on Park Walk.  One day when Mummy went there for lunch, Tum asked Mummy if she has a dog. And he asked if she writes a blog for a dog!  He told Mummy he reads our blog!!!

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