Sawadee ka! Kin Phet Mai Dai

That means, “Hello! I can’t eat spicy food” in Thai.

We went to Suksan, a Thai restaurant on our road for the first time. You see, one of the achievements of the Doggy Street Party on Sunday was converting them into a dog-friendly restaurant!  Hip! Hip! Hooray!

IMG_0767They were the last restaurant on the street where we live that did not allow dogs inside. We’ve sat outside a few times but as you know, good weather is a rarity. Once the sun comes out, you can hardly find a seat outside anywhere.  But on Sunday, when the owner learnt that all the other restaurants on Park Walk were dog-friendly, she asked how they can do the same. She loves dogs – she has eight of them but she didn’t realise it was totally her decision to make Suksan dog-friendly.

So as of Sunday the Thai restaurant, Suksan welcomes us!  A good reason to do a trial run yesterday – to show the restaurant how well-behaved dogs can be accommodated.IMG_0988We sat quietly under the table and focused on Mummy’s every movement – just in case she does some hand-me-downs.  Hoomans have different policies about feeding from the table. Mummy would never feed us at home but she can’t seem to help herself when she’s at restaurants. Don’t know why but it’s good for us. 🙂

We were unsure about the new smells as this is the first time we’ve been inside a Thai restaurant. But the food looked very pretty …IMG_0984(Ploy Sam see – steamed dumplings with chicken, herbal fish and wonton with chicken and prawn.)

These were apparently so good, we never got to try any of them.

Ooooh! Curry? We’ve never tried those before.IMG_0991(Gang Daeng prawn – red coconut curry with tiger prawn or chicken, bamboo shoots and lime leaves.)

It smelled phet (spicy) … not sure it’s good for our palette.

The staff were well briefed about us turning up and they behaved cordially except for one of them – she squealed with delight when she saw us – “A dog! Oh, two dogs!!! So cute!”  Oh yeah, we liked her. 🙂

The lady who sat at the next table commented how well behaved we were. Mummy doesn’t think we’re perfect because we stare at her too much when she’s eating. At most of the places we frequent, I would have jumped up and sat on the banquette but Mummy didn’t think it would be a good idea the first time they allow dogs inside. LOL!IMG_0981 May’s comment:  Another dog-friendly restaurant, another different cuisine to add to our growing list.

Suksan serves excellent classic Thai food in a dining room filled with understated Asian motifs.IMG_0992Address: 7 Park Walk, London SW10 0AJ

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