Thankful Thursdays

We live very close to the amazing Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

These days the hospital entrance is covered with signs that warn of no entry due to COVID-19.

But there are lots of messages of thanks to our heroes in blue!

And then the other day as we walked past, we saw these heart shaped floral wreaths in rainbow colours!

Aren’t they gorgeous?

And all around the neighbourhood, there were thank you messages everywhere –

At a bus stop

In recent months around the neighbourhood we often see ambulances parked on the side streets waiting for the next call out.

They serve as a reminder of these surreal times.

The other day when we were walking around the neighbourhood wearing our Distinguished Dog Company Rainbow neckerchiefs, we stopped to say hello to one of the NHS ambulance paramedics.

She was so happy to see us and told us she misses her dog. So we gave her lots of licks.

May’s comment: We continue to say thank you every Thursday at 8pm.

To all the frontline staff, the nurses, the doctors, the ambulances, the pharmacists, on and on – the army … we thank you.

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