The best party ever!!!

What do you call a party that keeps feeding you? The best party ever!!!

We were invited to the launch party of Love My Human and we came as an entourage! George and I brought Jaffa and little Mini with us.

As soon as we got there, I could smell it was going to be a good party!!! Hooman food and poochie food!Hi! Hi! I love you!Can I try your treats?

Hi Freddie! Meet Jaffa.Freddie showed me all these doggy books and notecards.Do we have space for more books about dogs?

Look Mummy! There are so many treats to choose from.What can we buy?George found this and thought we should get it for our front door – he thought it almost spelt his name! Almost.He does get called Georgeous!

But we soon crowded him out! LOL!And we found the POD!!! The Golden Egg that we sooooo wanted at the BowWowHaus Auction. Mummy, now this is something I really want – and look! I can even share it with Freddie and Jaffa. And Ink Blot is stuck right at the back. LOL!Oh look, there’s our friend Belinha.And I met cutie-pie Poppy. She reads our blog – so she knows all about my desire for food!  Speaking of food …Dog Treats and what’s in that covered tray?Oh, there’s an announcement. Someone will be singing and we have to pay attention. Treat break.

Oh, and then there was a second song. Freddie and I kept up with the rhythm.

And we had to wait till the singing was over before …

I resumed with my quest for more food. I was finding my two most favourite people at the party. They’re the Furry Chef providing me with their range of organic biscuits to try. They just couldn’t resist me.

And then the party was over! Well, it wasn’t technically over. Mummy decided to leave and I had to go along – reluctantly. 🙁

May’s comment: What a lovely party! Our newest dog grooming parlour and retail shop on Kings Road had a launch event. We went with friends and met up with friends. Love My Human – a delightful luxury pet lifestyle boutique offering practical, high-end pet designer products from around the world. Lovely collection of all things dogs and cats. Not just things for our pets but also for humans. They also have a beautiful grooming spa that we love going to. When in London, have a look in and check it out. A breath of fresh air in the world of pet shops. We heart Love My Human on  308 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5UH

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Those colorful paw-shaped treats must have been tasty!

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