Sometimes a shave is good thing (The Dog Rescuers – Episode 7)

Last night we watched Episode 7 of The Dog Rescuers.  No tears, just sad that some dogs just get a bad deal.

First there was a woman who had breached a ban from keeping animals because all her pets were malnourished. Some neighbours reported her and the police along with the RSPCA went on a raid.  Indeed they found Jethro, an anxious Rottweiler and Abbey, a Jack Russell Cross on the property.


IMG_6668The owner was hiding in a toilet with another Jack Russell Cross puppy. Thank goodness they found her and took all her pets away!

They went to a boarding kennel and within weeks, little Elsie went home with a family.  Hooray!

IMG_6664 IMG_6670

There was Elsie, a malnourished Dalmatian. They think it’s because Elsie was kept outside with another larger Dalmatian and in such incidences, the less dominant dog would not dare eat her food. So they suspect, she never got to eat any.  The RSPCA took her away – first to the vet to have her checked. She was so bony that she could develop arthritis and all sorts of other health issues. She had a few sores from the fact that her bones were rubbing against her skin – how sad!

IMG_6629When they gave her something to eat, it was obvious she was hungry and not because of any illness.

IMG_6684Three months later, she looked a lot healthier but still needs to gain more weight. And we hope she never sees her previous owner again!

IMG_6714 IMG_6715As the RSPCA officer said – no one asked anyone to get a dog and when they get a dog, they must take care of them.

Gizzy a very, very matted Shitzu needed a shave! Shave – yup! I know all about that but I was nowhere near that matted as she was

IMG_6652But she looked great after her shave and she definitely looked happier and younger.  Because of that, George, West Highland Terrier might be in for a shave himself! 🙂

IMG_6705 IMG_6708

In this instance, I agree – a shave is a good thing.

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