Who moved two of the elephants?!?!!

We heard that the Elephant Parade is back in London (21st June – 18th July) – and we went on the trail to find them!

First stop – South Molton Street where we met:

Baby Doll by Adil Ahmad and Kanika Kapoor (1)Gaia by Rafaela De Ascanio (2)Sheesh Mahal by Rohit Bahl (3)We stopped in at the pop-up shop selling replica elephants  located at 20 South Molton Street. These elephants are from the previous series of Elephant Parade.This guy is sweet. We do heart hearts.The next herd of elephants could be found at Grosvenor Square – There were ten of them!

Gulab by Prakhabar Pachpute (4)I took some shade from Gulab.

Ridesh by Gayatri Sekhri (5)Me and my Million Voices by Veer Munshi (6)Tara Astamangala by Good Earth (7)Kamal Kunj  by Atelier of Pichvai Tradition and Beyond (8)Monsoon Magic by Michelle Poonawalla (9)He looks like a blue zebra from the back!Marwar Matang by His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Jodphur, Marwar (10)Ramrattan by Ravi Vazirani (11)Sikander Bath by Payal Singhal (12)And Mummy’s favourite – a pink elephant!!!Dahlia by Anushka Khanna (13) I wore my pink bow to match the elephant.

We walked further along to Carlos Place and in front of The Connaught Hotel we found:

Naari by Tejal Gala (14) And Aranya by Suhasini Kejriwal (15)We turned back on our tracks to Brown Hart Gardens and there were four:

March of Times by Sonal Ambani (16)Phula by Marissa Bridge (17)Blue Dimension by Jason Woodside (18)See how my ears are starting to look like the elephant’s!

And I just want you to see how high up I was – posing with these four elephants at Brown Hart Gardens.Don’t worry, I didn’t jump down from there! There were steep steps.

The Tramp of Marching Feet by George Martin (19)See the difference? My tail and the elephant’s trunk are at different ends of our torsos.

BUT where was Bar Palladio Ele and Tara for Mark!!!! They were supposed to be at The Beaumont Hotel but by the time we got there, they have been moved!!!! Maybe they were in search of another herd.

We headed towards home but stopped at The Dorchester and accompanied by the doorman, we met Ele-Nouveau Deux by Varun Bahl (20)Onto Sloane Square. Yup, they were supposed to be scattered around the area but they were all herded onto the Square, which made it easier for us.

Kashmir Ki Kali by JJ Valaya (21)Savriti by Vikram Goyal (22)Kali 2.0: Divinity Revisited by Abu Jane and Sandeep Kholsa (23)Babar Travels to London by Adil Ahmad (24)Castellum by Michael Howells (25)Giving Back Pride Without Prejudice by Adil Ahmad, Vasundhara Race and prisoners of the Central Jail of Jaipur (26)And last but not least, we found Infinity by Gaurav Gupta (27) inside the window of R Chocolate on Ebury Street!Mummy thought he reminded her of red velvet!!! She was salivating and wishing she could take a bite of him!!! NOOOO!Oh look, they even have an elephant for a door handle!So we managed to find 27 out of 29! Now where did those two elephants get moved to? Does anyone know?

Must say twenty seven elephants is a lot easier to find than 50+ Paddington Bears!!!

May’s comment: Elephant Parade is the world’s biggest touring elephant art exposition that raises awareness of and support for the endangered elephants of Asia.  This summer, these twenty-nine life-size baby elephant sculptures exquisitely decorated by some of India’a artists, designers and creative talents can be seen throughout Mayfair and Chelsea.  They are for sale at an auction. Monies raised will support projects that protect wild elephants and their habitats.


  1. Laura Cordovano

    How beautiful they are!

  2. Julie James

    Good effort!! 🐘🐘🐘

  3. Emma Bray

    Does this happen every year as I’d love to go and see all the elephants but won’t be able to this year. Love Darcey’s adventures and of course George’s! Xx

  4. Mrs Pat Carter

    We have seen them in Trier and Luxemburg, they are amazing, lovely photos, you did well to find so many

  5. Sam and Lola

    WOW – fabulous post, thank you. Probably won’t get to see them, so you guys taking the time to do this is just amazing :).

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