The George Effect

George loves little girls. Little girls love George.

Yesterday, George had a playdate with Emily.

Leaving to go home with Emily.

We met Emily and her brother Mark two years ago. Back then, Emily was quite nervous about dogs, whereas Mark was brave. Emily would watch from a distance, desperate to hold him, but afraid to do so.

But yesterday, Emily was so excited about having George for the day, she asked to come with her father to pick him up. She couldn’t wait to see him. And the feeling was mutual. When George saw Emily, he was beside himself. He jumped up at her, he barked, he turned around and around in circles, he went on his back for tummy rubs. He couldn’t wait to get going.

I went to get my Teddy to show Emily but no one noticed what I did. I knew it was George’s show, so I left them alone. Mummy put on George’s leash and away they went.

Emily’s dad sent us photos of their day.
You can see how much Emily is in love with George.
But her brother Mark wasn’t so keen anymore. He’s grown up and loves his footballs.
But Emily has grown up too and she wanted to take George in her baby stroller.

May’s comments: What is it about George? Little girls all over the place loves him. It’s not just a love him when they’re together but her three biggest fans talk about him, think about him and ask about him.

Remember Victoria, his friend in Milan. She spends her pocket money for things when George comes to stay. She loves, loves, loves George and whenever they come to London, we make an effort to reunite them. Her heart broke when he left to come home to London after he stayed with them for a long weekend.

We met Daisy just once when we were in Isle of Wight. All it took was a couple of hours – and he found himself another love. She talked about George for awhile.

Last night, Emily’s father wrote to tell me that she was crying when she went to bed, wishing she had George with her. Her heart was broken.

He definitely makes an impression with these little souls. I am so proud of him that in his own little loving way, he has brought out such pure emotions of love in these little girls. That their hearts opened up and loved so much that it hurts. He is definitely living up to his namesake.


  1. Gill

    It’s not just the little girls that love him ,big girls do too and Darcy of course ,how could you not .XX😘

  2. Martine and Rusty

    I liove George

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