The Grissini Monster

Along a quiet residential street in Chelsea, emerged a grissini monster from under the white table cloths at Ziani Restaurant!!!

Ahem, yes, that’s me!

When we were at Summer Lodge in Dorset over New Year’s we had met a couple of people there who told us about Ziani – another Italian Restaurant in Chelsea that is dog-friendly.  We were told it’s a small restaurant and very crowds and best to go at lunch time during the week.

Ziani is along the quiet residential street of Radnor Walk – only a short walk from where we live but Mummy was tired from a busy morning, so we waited for the bus on King’s Road.IMG_2457And got off at Markham Square.  We wandered down Radnor Walk and couldn’t miss this signage if we tried!IMG_2474We wandered in, thinking lunch time would be quiet, but not in the least. It was very busy but there was still a table for us even though we had not booked as Mummy thought it was Thursday lunch.

As soon s we sat down, they brought us a basket of breads and as one expects in all good Italian restaurants are grissini – which Mummy thinks it’s ok for me to have instead of bread.IMG_2464And so I put my head on her napkin and wait for stick after stick.

And then – no more grissini? Moving onto Cotoletta Milanese with spaghetti aglio olio pepperocino – nope! too spicy for me.IMG_2469 And when Mummy had her machiato, along came some delicious biscotti.IMG_2471 Desperately trying to get to it!IMG_2473But NO was the final answer. 🙁

May’s comment: Neighbourhood Italian restaurant on a quiet street with simple dining room and quite crowded and noisy – even on a week day lunch. It didn’t bother Darcy as she was purely focused on me handing down food. 
 Ziani is at 45 Radnor Walk, London SW3 4BP

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  1. Cheryl

    Love that cute button nose and those beautiful brown eyes. Darcy is so darn adorable! I’d have trouble saying no to her. Hope you brought a treat back for Georgie. I’m adding this restaurant to my must eat at list the next time we’re in London.

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