The “Happy I’m Home” dance

I’ve had a wonderful stay with Barnaby – we went for lots of walks and Julie and Ant made sure I wasn’t feeling too sad. But I was also very happy to see Mummy when she came to get me.

I ran up the stairs and did the “Happy I’m Home” dance!

As for George, he’s home too, and he’s missing his Jaffa.  I know he’s happy to be home but I think he misses having someone to play with. He and Jaffa play “Get Him/Her” everyday for hours!

May’s comment: Tired from an overnight flight but couldn’t wait to go get my pooches!!! Missed them but so grateful to Julie and Camilla who took care of my two.  Last night … it was like we were never apart.


  1. Kathy Shoulders

    They were so happy to have you home! I love their adventures! Makes me so happy that you share them with us.

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    The best feeling in the world. Had an email last night from friends who are on their way home from China. They said they are so looking forward to getting home and seeing their puppies. I can so relate to that!??

  3. Jill Green

    Waiting for Georgie to pounce is like waiting for the Bake Off winner announcement!

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