The Longest Day

The sun has finally set on the longest day of the year. But a day spent with friends is never long.

A morning with my friend, Boo – who generously shared his bed with me.But the day is long and we have things to do and other friends to see –Lunch stop with Rusty at The Good Life in St. John’s WoodsAnd onto Hyde Park to meet Barnaby … BAR-NA-BEEE!!!!!

Oooh, and then there was Simba – an eight-month old Chow!He’s a very bouncy pup. We were hoping to take a photo together but he hasn’t got the hang of it yet. LOL!You’re suppose to sit, Simba, not lie down. WHOA! Stop it, Simba! I’ve been spayed!!!!  Besides, what cross-breed would we end up with?

We said good-bye to Simba and walked on, just me and B. We sat for a while in the sun by the Serpentine, taking it all in.The day was still light when we were leaving the park and we came across this “Noah’s ark” – that’s what I call it. The sun was already starting to move down towards the horizon – thus “Noah’s Ark” was in the shadows! 🙂

There’s so much that goes on in Hyde Park. As we were leaving the park, we came across this year’s Serpentine Summer Pavilion  – it’s a construction made of stacks of cement roof tiles.

It’s designed by Mexican architect, Frida Escopedo

We’re going to have to investigate this another time, as it was time to go home to George. He’s been spending the day with Jaffa.

The sun has set now and from tomorrow onwards, each day will get just a little shorter.

May’s comment:  It’s the Summer Solstice. Each day before then leads to this – the longest day of the year. The turning point, as we head towards age Winter Solstice.

We managed to take this photo of The Mastaba on our way to meeting Barnaby. The Mastaba is a temporary floating sculpture on The Serpentine is made of 7506 painted barrels – the first large-scale sculpture by Christo and Jeanne-Claude to be realised in the UK.

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