The walk backwards goodbye

Goodbye, Mummy.

img_6226I think I know where I’m going because I know what that bag means.img_6232Goodbye, George.img_6235Have good Mummy time ok? I have never been to Spain but you’ll have lots to discover. Just don’t run away because Mummy will have a hard time looking for you. But then it’s an island and you don’t like water so you’ll be landlocked.

But you’ll also be meeting so many friends – Beate, Walter, Dagmar, Sylvia and Markus before you even get to Mallorca. Enjoy! I have to go now.

Er, what are we doing here?img_6237Am I not going to the House of Mutt?img_6240I’m staying with Jaffa for the night.

Jaffa says, “Yup! You are, Miss D!”

Why are you walking backwards, Mummy? You’re leaving me?!?!?


May’s comment: George and I have a very early flight in the morning so best to leave Darcy with Jaffa and House of Mutt will pick up. Always so hard to leave her but I know she’s going to where she loves, so this too shall pass.

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  1. Alison Mullett

    Enjoy House of Mutt Darcy, and Bon Voyage George and May! An exciting time for the intrepid trio!

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