The Perfect Storm

This “cute” picture of me looking for food will have to make up for the lack of photos in this blog. Because, Mummy said the pictures are way too graphic. LOL!

May’s comment: In preparation for our upcoming travel on trains and then on a cruise, I thought to find an alternative to our Honey’s raw food feeding. So we tried something that sounded very good and looked easier to carry at least for the first five days. We began our food transition over 7-10 days. Already something wasn’t quite right after day 2 of transition.On that same morning, George did the same – except, he seemed to prefer to do his sick and business in the study! 🙁 I’ve long since removed the rug in that room – till the day comes when he figured out there’s a bathroom, like Darcy did.

We must persevere, we were told, about the food. Some dogs take longer to adjust. So we kept at it and their poo was getting worse by the day. Finally we finished ten days of transition and proceeded to change over. Within a day, Darcy was back in the bathtub, this time having to poo in the night and George of course did the courtesy of pooing in the study!!!! They needed desperately to go out during the day and their poo changed consistency and had lots of mucus – sorry! I know this sounds disgusting. After two days, two nights and three very early morning rushing out the door, it was time to stop. I didn’t have any of our regular Honey’s any more and while waiting for a new order to arrive, I gave them boiled chicken but the problem wasn’t going away. Called the vet and they said there is a gastro-bug going around. It was unusual that both Darcy and George were doing exactly the same. The vet said, it was a bad combination – change of food and gastro bug!!!!

As for the human, she had developed a cold. With a stuffed head and unable to sleep, she turned around and gave Darcy a cuddle but wondered why George wasn’t on the bed. He just laid on the floor by the side of the bed and while he would usually start to play if I made any movement towards him, he didn’t budge. Odd, I thought. Couldn’t sleep, I put on my bedroom slippers and went to the bathroom. I didn’t switch on the lights and in the dark I noted a dark patch on the hallway rug and thought, oh that’s Teddy and avoided it. On the way back to my bedroom, I remembered I must plug in my computer. I turned on the lights and saw, to my horror, a trail of dark patches on the bedroom carpet. GASP! I switched on the hallway lights and saw what I thought was Teddy, was George’s deposit! And I must have stepped on it on my return, and had walked around the carpeted bedroom with poo stuck to my slipper. Why, oh why, George can’t you learn to go a bit further and make it to the bathroom?!?!?! I don’t blame you for feeling sick, but not on my Stark rug!!!! How many more times do I have to soak up that rug with Extreme spray to get rid of the brown stains?!?!?! I guess I’ll have to buy a new rug from somewhere like Bazaar Velvet now!!

At that point, George jumped up on the bed and curled up while watching me run around in the middle of the night, spraying Extreme on the trail of dark patches, mopping it up with reels of toilet paper! Just bad luck – a perfect storm. Change of food, gastro bug and a head cold!

The next morning after a busy night of cleaning up after George and myself, I saw that George had thrown up bile on the bed cover! Argh! He must have been so hungry from excreting everything the night before, he was throwing up bile. What else can happen. My poor flat!

The good thing – I’m done with the cold before we leave for our trip, and we now know that the alternative food wasn’t an option. Can you imagine the two of them getting sick and needing to get off the ferry as we’re cruising along the Norwegian fjords for twelve days?!?!?

For now, we’re trying Pro-biotics first and continuing with boiled chicken for another day.Don’t really want to go to the Vet for antibiotics.

They seem to be feeling better. Not 100% but on our way.


  1. Margaret Danks

    Awww poor darlings! I hope you are all on the mend ❤️🐾

  2. Kathy Shoulders

    I am so sorry for all of you!! I know exactly what that is like and it is not fun at all. I hope you are all better now! Enjoy your travels!

  3. Michelle

    Let me guess, the food is the dehydrated one?

  4. oh no the poor poppets. I would not boil the chicken though. as they are raw fed then just raw chicken or rabbit is good for upset tummies. I saw you had Pro-Kolin which is excellent. Another go to I use is pumpkin puree, a table spoon a day will help tummies as will some probiotic organic sheep or goats milk yogurt. get well soon little ones & enjoy the Fjords they are wonderful

  5. Cheryl

    Oh no! I feel so bad for you and the pups! I do hope they feel better very soon.

  6. Miami Malteses

    I have a couple of friends who were feeding raw for a long time and then the doggies started to do the same thing so they had to switch over to freshly cooked organic foods. It seems as the doggies get older they don’t quite tolerate the raw the same way. Something to consider. I found a company called Pet Plates but I think they only sell in the U.S.

    • Miss Darcy

      NO, it’s the contrary. The food we tried was cooked organic foods and they didn’t take to it immediately. They’re back to raw and back to normal!

  7. Maree

    Oh poor babies i hope you are all feeling better soon. Have a wonderful trip.

  8. Elizabeth Burman

    I do hope you will all fully recover very soon so that you can all enjoy your Christmas adventures. Miss D looks so forlorn but very huggable sitting in the bath.💕

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