Baring all for us

Our hoomans were baring it all! Yes they did!!!

What?!?!?! Why?!?!?!?! You ask.Well, it’s for several good reasons!We cockapoos and other poodle crosses get somewhat of a negative press at times. Some people just don’t like us.  So an online community of owners and breeders wanted to do something different to not just get people’s attention but to help change negative perceptions of the breed.  They became Calendar Girls!Proceeds from the calendar also goes to three chosen charities!

They were very brave and very generous! And we salute them. But the message to hoomans not in the know – we are a recent cross-breed, so no two cockapoos are the same – and no two cockapoo owners are the same either! In the same way – no two dogs are the same however pedigree they are because they too were once cross-breeds many, many, many years ago!  Looks aside, like hoomans, we are all different and we are unique. It shouldn’t be about how we look, it’s not about how “perfect” we are – we just want to be loved and since hoomans domesticated us, we ask that you give us the home and care we need to co-exist with you.

May’s comment: This has to be one of the most original ideas – not so much the nude posing but the highlight of cockapoos!!!

Someone mentioned that these cockapoos seem to be on the larger size. I guess they would have to be to help cover up! LOL!

This effort was not just only a cockapoo awareness campaign but it also served to support three charities chosen by the member of The Cockapoo Community: Make-a-wish Foundation UK, Give-a-Dog-A-Bone and The Doodle Trust.

And there’s also possibly a sublimal message – we hide behind our dogs! I’ve been accused of that!

Read more about this on Daily Mail.


  1. Jill Keiser

    The cockapoos were very beautiful but each very unique in appearance as you were saying!

  2. Jane Hamon

    Not participating?! 😉

  3. Melinda

    Great work ladies!

  4. wendy Embisu Mulela

    Thanks for the blog May. We also had loads of fun too 🙂
    (AKA Miss January)

  5. Thank you May, it was fun making this calendar and great thanks we’re owed to our organising team. We hit a few pitfalls in getting the message out there and selling as many copies as we would have liked. But raising the awareness and supporting the charities was the aim . X
    AKA Sept ( Autumn)

  6. Cheryl

    What a marvelous idea and calendar!

  7. Elisabeth

    It was the most challenging this is have ever done in my life! But such great fun and very good causes
    Elisabeth Aka shares front page of calender)

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