Their new life begins …

Eight-month old brother (Pajkos) and sister (Sofie) golden retriever cross were found abandoned in a Killing Station in Hungary.  

Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue managed to get them out with help from generous hoomans who contributed to the costs of the Killing Station.  Two days ago, they began their journey from Hungary to the UK – to a new life.

They arrived yesterday at South Mimms, on their way to a rescue centre near Manchester – awaiting for their forever home. George and Mummy went to welcome them.  When they opened the van in which they were travelling with the other dogs – all of them to a new life, – Sofie and Pajkos were petrified.They huddled at the back of the crate. But they were nonetheless curious about this big new world … they did eventually come up to sniff at Mummy’s hand and gave her little licks.

Mummy said if she had a farm (keep wishing!) she would have taken them both – as well as a few others who came in the van! Look at all those faces!  All looking and looking – wondering when it will be their turn to leave the van and someone to take them home.This little guy was quietly shivering – afraid of what all that was happening, what does it all mean?  If we can reassure them all that it’s going to be just fine.

But not all of them were unsure. Fifi, was very boisterous! He is the other reason that Kim went with Mummy to South Mimms.  Kim’s fostering this happy, confident and very with-it, Fifi who needs a forever home.  Till then we shall hear all about Fifi’s adventures in London! And what Bobby thinks! 🙂

May’s comment:  As a token of appreciation to Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue for giving us George, the honorary member of our Hyde Park Doodle Meets, some of our very privileged London poos got together and collected some money towards giving two dogs a chance at life.

We managed to help get Rudi off the freezing streets and he is currently safe in a foster home in Hungary while being assessed till he is ready to make the trip once he has a forever home to go to or a foster home who will have him. We had some more money left from our collection and it went towards helping to get eight month old Sofie and Pajkos out of the Killing Station so they could travel to the UK. They have grown quite a bit since! They arrived yesterday and are now with Sonia Dale who is running the rescue to find them a home.  If you are interested, either contact her directly or via Hilda from Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue.  They do not need to be rehomed together.

Wishing them all a very happy ever after! And thank your Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue – for caring. xxx





  1. Jane Groothuis

    I know you said Sofie and Pajkos don’t need to be rehomed together, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could be? Those of us who have two dogs know the double joy they bring to our lives. I hope Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue can find a forever family willing to open their home and their hearts to them, as a pair.

  2. Cheryl

    Such a wonderful, yet sad story. I’m so glad that so many were rescued. Bless you and your friends for sponsoring the 3 pups, prayers they all find loving forever homes.

  3. Margaret Danks

    Such lovely news, but so sad at the same time. Sad that so many if these beautiful animals find themselves in killing shelters. If I win the lottery, I will open the biggest rescue centre ever!

  4. Sally Wright

    How wonderful …I just hope they all find homes soon. It is so nice to see what donations actually achieve. I will check them out as will definitely make donations as and when I can. I already have 2 dogs so really don’t have room for more but would happily take any of these if I did. If you get to find out more about them finding homes please keep us posted. xx

  5. Elizabeth Burman

    What beautiful dogs. I have no doubt they will all find loving furever homes. I do hope Sofie and Pajkos can find somewhere together, they have been through so much together.

  6. Shirley Haupt

    Thankyou all for rescuing these precious needy dogs . Although I hope and pray Sofie and Paikos can be adopted I’m sure a loving home for each one would be a blessing

  7. Thankyou all for rescuing these precious needy dogs Although I hop and pray Sofie and Paikos get adopted together I’m sure they will be so much loved wherever they go after their unhappy sad past Bless you

  8. Bless you for rescuing these precious dogs

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