This little Guy has come a long way

There’s a new resident of four paws at Kensington Palace. This little Guy, not only now lives there with her owner, who is now  the Duchess of Sussex but we have heard that he hitched a ride with the Queen to Windsor days ahead of the royal wedding. Guy sat beside the Queen and peeked out the window – checking out his new environs.

And then it was rumoured that Guy even made the exclusive 200 guest list at the evening celebrations at Frogmore House.

The pet pooch had revelers in stitches as he caused chaos, running all over the place lapping up any spilled canapés,” Mirror reports.

Yay! to the new Duchess of Sussex – who brings a rescue dog into the Royal Family! Yet another first!

May’s comment: We have heard so much about the hoop-la before the Royal Wedding, and the unfortunate circumstances of family drama. But the Wedding Day turned out spectacularly. It was a Happy Ever after occasion. Not much was known about the evening at Frogmore House, but then the best rumour emerged. It seemed that Meghan’s rescue dog, a beagle made the list and partook of the reception’s delicacies, “lapping up any spilled canapés.”

We don’t really know Meghan Markle, or rather the new Duchess of Sussex, but what we’ve heard about her and dogs, we LIKE – a lot. Her other dog, Bogart is too old to travel with her to live in the UK and lives with very close friends of hers back in the States. Maybe the Duchess could champion some of the causes for us.


  1. Cheryl Adams

    I think this is a wonderful story, but there is a rumor over her that it isn’t true. I’m hoping since you posted about it that it is indeed true!
    I think it would be fantastic if the Duchess could/would champion some animal rights groups!

    • Miss Darcy

      We don’t know really but if there’s a rumour something like that might have happened.

  2. Denise Macioce

    I think he is the charmer,off the day,love your spunk Megan,good taste. You got their,in all your guys????

  3. Margaret Danks

    I think she would be an excellent additional voice for the pooches ?❤️

  4. Nicole

    Camilla also has two rescue jack Russells from Battersea

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