Three Amigos

Today we went for a walk in Kenwood Park with Rusty and Lucca. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen two of my oldest friends.img_8165We were always three apricot amigos plus Dash who couldn’t come today.  img_8234We go back to almost the first Hyde Park Cockapoo meet more than three years ago.img_8214Kenwood House in the park was once a stately home.  We made believe that this is the house of “Mr. Darcy” – so we thought we’d take a photo of me and my amigos with “my house” 🙂img_8177Rusty, why are you looking at the house?
img_8176Lucca, why are you not looking at the camera?

Ready? Smile!img_8179 Well, we tried.img_8236Lucca – had a big smile, Rusty – looking at his mummy. Me, wondering which way to look. But at least we were altogether in the picture with the big house.

Kenwood House is on a lovely park  –img_8212From the park, we could see the skyline of London in the distance.img_8208We walked on and met some other ones just like us …img_8171Somewhere along the way Lucca wasn’t coming along with us.  His mummy went looking for him and came back carrying Lucca. img_8181What’s wrong, Lucca?img_8183He didn’t like walking on prickly things? Now who ever said I was spoilt?

There’s also a place where we can stop for tea.img_8185Look at those cakes!img_8193Rusty was really focused
img_8194He had the right idea – get under the arms to get closer to the platesimg_8192But alas, no! The hoomans said we could have crumbs!
img_8197 Crumbs? I don’t mind crumbs.img_8201-1Come on Lucca, let’s see who can get to that one measly crumb!
img_8204While Rusty looked to see if maybe he can have a slurp of cappuccino!img_8195Thank you for a lovely day.img_8219

May’s comment: Since Darcy came into my life, I have met so many new people. Some have become more than just fellow doggy owners. We’ve got to know about each other’s lives.img_8163Always thankful and grateful for the world Darcy introduced me to.
img_8235Humans and cockapoo friends.img_8225Kenwood House is a former stately home, in the north of London, on the boundary of Hampstead Heath.  Managed by English Heritage and open to the public.  Dogs are not allowed in the house and dogs have to be on the leash in the parts in front of the house.img_8212P.S. No George today – he had a playdate with Maddie. And we wanted a peaceful, uneventful walk.  With George, it is never uneventful!


  1. Alicia

    Oh my! I want to cuddle all three! Is Lucca always so expressive?

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