Three chocolate cup cakes!

Rocko and I had a busy day – morning walk in the park, off to Waggin’ Tails for a wash and fluff – but when we left Waggin’ Tails it was still raining so we got a bit wet again.  Then Rocko and I spent the afternoon together at his flat – playing.

But when Rocko’s mummy left us for awhile, the fun began! I used my sniffer and found some burnt chocolate cupcakes in the bin.  Hooray! I dug it out and ate them all!  Then I got on a step stool and helped myself to the others on the counter!  That was yummy! Never had it so good!

Then Jasmine came home and found out that all the cupcakes have gone! And she said it was me! How could she have known it was me – maybe it was Rocko or the both of us. She called Mummy immediately and told her I was very cheeky.  She said she found incriminating evidence.  Oops! I forgot to lick a bit of chocolate stuck to my leg.


Well, Rocko got off easy because even if a whole bar of chocolate was stuck on his back, no one can see it!!!

May’s comment:  Of course we were a bit worried. But Darcy seemed fine. She’s still after food. Called the vet and told them. They said to keep an eye on her – if she becomes lethargic, have the runs (oh no!  Not again!) or throws up. I hope she’s going to be ok – don’t want to do an emergency run to the vet on Elizabeth Street which is the only one close by that’s open 24 hours. We like Elizabeth Street but Peggy Porschen nor Thomas Cubitt  are open in the middle of the night.  And it’s raining.


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  1. Maggie

    Well I never!!! I do hope there are no after effects! Sealea Blue was just as, dare I say, naughty, last year ….. 6 chocolate cupcakes on my work top….. Then, not a crumb to advertise that fact to be seen…..anywhere …..

    Keith, have you eaten the cupcakes, call I to my hubbie???

    No he says, I am waiting for one …..!! Oh dear …..

    Where is Sealea???? In her basket, dozing ….. I get my magnifying glass and kneel down to check for evidence …. Yep, spotted a few crumbs !! Oh heck I think, chocolate is not good for pooches …. So yet another phone call to my long suffering vet.! Oh dear, he said to me, what has she eaten this time Mrs Jordan??…. Anyway, to cut a long and tortuous story short, we had an expensive trip there and horrid tablets for Sealea to take! But has she learned her lesson???? What do you think Miss Darcy???? NO NO NO!

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