It’s Time to ROAR!!!

The day has come to get dressed up again. England plays Croatia in tonight’s World Cup Semi-Finals!

It’s momentous and we’re all dressed up for tonight’s game, even posed by the goal post!  Come on Georgie, I’ll chase the ball and you bark at it!But Mummy says – Noooooo!  She thinks that for such an important game, just dressing up in the England kit isn’t enough.  She said, it is time to support the Three Lions! We must now ROAR!

So we’re approaching this match with a lion’s “theme” …We shall be braveWe shall stand against what blows our wayWe shall ROAR!!!

George says – Meow! LOL!

Come on England!!! Bring that Football home already! We can’t keep dressing up like this.GOOD LUCK lads! You’re our heroes already! But you can become legends!

May’s comment: Humour me, Darcy and George!  It’s not every World Cup that England is in the Semi-finals!

In return I promise I will attempt to watch the game without running away to hide when things get tensed. I guess I don’t like losing. And history has it that England doesn’t make it easy for their supporters.

Think Tunisia. Crikey! Extra time goal. You’ve got to be kidding me!

Think Colombia – when they scored in Extra Time, I decided to turn off the telly and walked the dogs. I waited for messages from friends to tell me we’ve won!

We were conveniently on the train when England played Sweden – catching up on the scores at every station (it was the slow train from Ashford).  Anyway, we have come so far and I should just relish in all the excitement – and be philosophical – it’s only a football game, right?

On the other hand, I love the fact that my German godson is cheering on England!!!! YES!!!!  We have converts!

For our non-English readers, the Three Lions logo on the England football shirts go back to the 12th century, when Richard the Lionheart used the three golden lions on a scarlet background as his standard was carried into battle to inspire the troops.  But it started with one lion by Henry I and over time and other rulers, two more were added.

Children football shirts and shorts are the Official England Away (Darcy) and Home (George) kits. The lion manes are bought on



  1. Eppie Dyann Giles

    You are both so adorable.
    I am sure England is proud to have you on their side.

  2. Ginny

    Love it! Go England. Cheering you on from New Zealand.

  3. Angie Salmon

    You both look totally adorable, well done to Mummy for being so original. Keep roaring tonight little lions🦁🦁

  4. SamanthaR and Lola Cockapoo

    That made me laugh – little George – just priceless! Love you guys xxxxx ps – come on

  5. Kathy Shoulders

    They are just adorable! Darcy looks like a real little lion! Go England!!

  6. Karen Jarvis

    Hahahaha I have never laughed so much! The pictures were hilarious and so utterly cute!! Bless em 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🤣😊💕

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