Three years ago …

Early one morning three years ago today, I embarked on a long journey from Wales to London.

I was 11 weeks old and I did not know where I was going except I left my Mummy, Beth and my two brothers Milo and Billy behind. We arrived in the big city of London and the driver took me to my new home. I entered the flat in excitement and ran all over the place, making sure I marked my territory on the lovely grey silk rug in the living room. My new Mummy was so shocked she just stared at the very wet patch until Tracey the dog trainer who was also there suggested she went to get some paper towels. She brought back one piece!!! 🙂 A third of a roll later, she got the idea. That day I also met Little Tyke for the first time. He was a little chubby thing who was very curious about me.DSC01787 What is this furry four-legged creature, I can hear him think. He was only nine months old then. DSC01774 And he was biting my leash before I learnt to bite mine!Darcy n Sasha

May’s comment: I remember that day well. The flat was full of beings. There was me pacing, waiting for the arrival of Darcy. The dog trainer, Tracey for some reason brought her baby Poppy. And I had Sasha with me. Then at about noon the door bell rang and up the stairs came the driver with a bundle of fur in his arms. He set her down and she immediately scampered from one room to the other – could not run fast enough to chase after her.  She nosed at everything and then decided to mark her territory in the living room.  I must have been in such a state of shock by this little thing that the OCD in me did not even kick in.

We had enough time to have our arrival photos taken before Darcy was whisked off by Tracey, the dog trainer of Precious Pooch. Yes, I am embarrassed to say I took the easy way out but it was the best thing I did as I had no idea how to train a puppy (yes, I read the books and watched the dvds) –  and it could have been the demise of our relationship.  Instead, she came back house trained and no whining, no chewing (very little) and won my heart over.DSC01795



  1. Paula smith

    Just looked at the old diary it was the 17 May milo arrived with us so must have delivered him the day after Darcey .. What a lifetime experience we were to embark on .. Happy Days xx

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