Don’t Cry, OK?

Little Tyke’s last words – “Don’t cry, ok?”  And then with a wave, they’re gone.


I don’t know when I’ll see Little Tyke again. It’s almost impossible for me to fly to Ko Samui – and besides I don’t think I’ll survive the heat. And I’ll be terrified of all those dogs – that Mummy had told me about. There are A LOT of dogs in Ko Samui.

I’ll miss Little Tyke despite his shouting commands at me, frightening me with his toys and sitting on me. But I will also miss him wanting to give me treats!

But I know Mummy will miss him a lot.  This was us this morning in bed. The only good thing about his leaving is I now have a lot more of Mummy’s time.




  1. Nicola

    I shed a few tears for you yesterday and I don’t even know Little Tyke!!!

  2. Miss Darcy

    Thanks, Nicola. 🙁

  3. Melody

    After reading this gave me a lump in my throat…..keep strong and when you look at your pictures it will make you smile x

  4. Miss Darcy

    Thanks, Melody. Right now looking at the pictures make me realise how much I am going to miss him – there’s a void to be filled but I can assure you that’s why Darcy’s in my life. She fills them up pretty quickly. I will indulge in one or two more postings about Little Tyke and then it’s time to let go.

  5. Liz

    Aww me too I shed a tear for you all as you’ll just miss him so much and he’ll miss you guys too. At least you have each other and Darcy I’m sure will love the extra mummy-to-myself time. I hope its not too long till he’s next visiting. Your photos of LT and Miss D are so lovely xxxx

    • Miss Darcy

      Thanks, Liz. I love all those photos of the two of them together – both are equally photogenic. They both bring me so much joy. As much as Darcy loves Sasha – even though she does not tolerate him being rough with her, yet when they’re both in bed and he’s flailing – she lets him. That’s when I know she really loves Sasha. All that said, Miss Darcy is really pleased to have me all to herself especially at night.

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