Top Job!

There are new recruits in the West Midlands Police Force.  The first six cross puppies of Sprockers (Springer-Cocker Spaniel) to be born into the Police Dog’s training programme in Balsall Common, Birmingham will join the team as sniffer dogs to deal with the growing threat of drugs and explosive devices.

Together we hope they will help to bring down some of Britain’s toughest criminals by sniffing them out!1411383107651_wps_7_Five_week_old_Sprocker_puMeet Trev, Ted, Tyler, Topsey, Trotter and Turvey!  Wonder why they all begin with T’s.

But before they begin training as sniffer dogs, they need to grow up first. The officers are looking for members of the public to adopt them until they are 12 months old. And yes, Mummy thinks they are super cute and no, Mummy – we already have an interloper!

May’s comment: Anybody interested in adopting one of the puppies can get in touch by tweeting West Midlands Police or emailing Read more –  Puppy Training



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  1. Judith Vogel

    They are the cutest…..What happens if the adoptee families fall in love with one of the T’s
    and refuses to surrender their charges after a year?They sure are adorable.
    I’m just wondering!

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