Top of the Hill – Part One

Yesterday we went to Primrose Hill to meet up with our cockapoo friends. We got there early so we decided to walk up the hill.


We met many doggies along the way … Not freaked out by big black dogs – at least not today!


We’ve met before. It’s Dexter, isn’t it? The last time I saw you, you had a Santa suit on!


Sniff! Sniff! Well, what can I say. The dogs at Primrose Hill are more welcoming than the ones at Green Park.

IMG_9524 IMG_9526

There was a cockapoo called Honey  along with her buddies …


I followed them up the hill …

IMG_9506 IMG_9505

When we got to the top of the hill – what a lovely view of London skyline in glorious sunshine!

IMG_9513 IMG_9511

It was time to walk down the hill to meet our cockapoo friends.  But when we were almost at the bottom of the hill when Mummy thought it did not look familiar. We had gone in the opposite direction, so had to go all the way up the hill and down again.


Oh well, at least it was a lovely day, see the view again and good exercise!  All good things!

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