Journey to St. Ives

And we’re off again! Into a taxi we go – which station this time?


Ahhh, it’s Paddington Station.  We’re about half an hour early, so we sit and wait.


And wait …

photo-7And wait …


Then as they announced the Platform, we followed the crowd. The train is full – must be because it is Friday.

Unlike our recent journey to Nice, this is a relatively straightforward train ride. We boarded the train at Paddington and then we just sit back and watch the rain fall on the lovely British countryside.


So another long train ride and at times it was boring!


But aha! sometimes it gets interesting …

photo-1Almost got that! Ha!

Then at Exeter/St. Davids, Aunty Meg and Melissa came on board.  And I got lots of hugs and cuddles and massages from Melissa and Aunty Meg.


There was a lovely lady on the train told us a lot about Cornwall and where to go in St. Ives. Already it seems like we need to come back. But till then, I snooped into her bags and checked her out.



photo-10Oops! Caught in the act.

Finally, five hours later – we arrived in St. Erth. And it was raining quite hard. So my wash and fluff went with the pellets of raindrops!

The taxi we ordered did not come so Aunty Meg got her wish and we took the “red train” that connected us to St. Ives. But when we got to St. Ives, we walked up the “HILL” to the St. Ives Harbour Hotel! Phew! We were glad to get indoors and take a rest.


How I wish I can run all the way there!

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  1. What a great trip you had Miss Darcey,you look pretty swish in that orange jacket.

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