Treasured moments

This has probably been the longest time we’ve all been away from each other – on our own separate holidays.

But the time away is drawing to an end for Mum and Georgie, while I’ll still be away for a couple of weeks. While Mum’s looking forward to seeing George, I think she will miss her two most favourite kiddies in the world –Little TykeMini Tyke

and her two favourite pooches in all of Thailand! Maybe even all of Asia, or outside of Europe?Outside of England? LOL! Yup!

After she does the school run, she’s back in the house and spending time with the doggies. Mum said it is very hot and humid in Ko Samui so she needs to go for a dip in the pool to cool down.  The doggies of course are not allowed in the pool – but they are very curious about the pool and if given a chance they would be in it in a flash! So when Mum went swimming, they were curious as to why she could and they couldn’t.They negotiated but she stood her ground. Though Lucky kept asking whyThey are only five months now – it seems they have been around forever. And she doesn’t know when she’ll see them again.

P.S. Have you noticed the number of dog photos and selfies vs. the kiddies? 🙂

May’s comment:  “Beautiful moments that fly by so quickly create beautiful memories to hold on forever.”

It’s been a lovely time in Ko Samui, spending it with friends, the kiddies

and the dogs.Lucky and Polo are now five months old and though bigger than the last time I saw them, they still have some more.growing to do,

As for the kiddies, I think Sasha has outgrown “Little Tyke” – need to give him a new nickname. And Mini Tyke, well, I think she can stay Mini for awhile more.

Treasured moments, treasured memories  …





  1. Jill Keiser

    Lucky and Polo are beautiful dogs! I had a dog who looked like them. Her name was Shelby and lived a long life. She was a yellow lab and collie.

  2. Sam and Lola

    Looking beautiful May 🙂 xxx

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