Twas the Day Before Christmas

The morning skies were grey but thankfully there was no rain …

And off to the vet we went first thing.

I had an itchy bum since Saturday

And Mummy was worried it might inflame.

Mr. Butt (ha! ha!) was concerned – what have I done?


He thinks it was a scratch and my scooting made it worse.

So a little bum cleansing and some healing cream

And of course some treats for begging “please”


Next to The Pet Spa I was to be groomed

Some Winterwoof Spa Package I was to be indulged

I had a winter Pawdicure for my tired paws

A relaxing, hydrating Blueberry and Vanilla facial for my furry face

And freshened mouth treatment for a minty breath

Soon came Mummy to pick me up but not until

I had my pose on the Pet Kingdom counter

For this could be the last of my Harrods encounter


All too soon, the winter skies have darkened

It’s supper time and time for the kiddies to settle

For it is now …

The Night Before Christmas!


  1. Lizzi

    Have a lovely Christmas xxx

  2. A Joyful Christmas to you ,and a great 2014. From Shirley,and my two little ones Mimi and Badger here in Australia.

    • Miss Darcy

      Merry Christmas to you and yours – especially Mimi and Badger! Thank you for being a part of our lives! x

  3. Maggie

    A very peaceful and lovely Christmas to you both. Sealea Blue and me (I) have so enjoyed your musings…!! Xxx

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