Two toned dog

Sometimes when we go out to play in the parks after the rain, I become a two-toned dog – apricot on top and muddy grey below.  And then I know what that means when we get home – bath time!


IMG_6648This is our routine – I go straight to my blanket in the hallway and sit down so I don’t leave muddy paw marks all over the place. I wait to be called to the bathroom. Sometimes when I feel like it, I jump into the bathtub on cue – that makes Mummy soooo happy and saying over and over again what a good girl I am! According to her, that’s my best trick ever!

I don’t particularly mind being washed and shampooed. I just don’t like my face getting wet. But in the end, I like smelling good because I get extra hugs and cuddles in bed.

May’s comment: My favourite shampoo is Aroma Paws chemical free shampoo and conditioner. Found them at Purple Bone –  my favourite scent is a blend of geranium, orchid, peony, rose and clary sage – a delicate floral smell. Lavender is a close second. Aroma Paws is an American brand and not easy to find in London.


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