An Uptown Girl doing Downtown things in NYC

We went way Downtown in NYC today – to Wall Street. Mum had a meeting – this is the reason why we had come to NYC.

An impressive building!

After signing in at the front desk we took the elevator …

Mum, I forgot to wear my bowtie for this important meeting!

It wasn’t for any frivolous reasons that we came to NYC – Mum had an important meeting – she said convincingly to justify our trip.

While Mum was busy – I took advantage of her distraction and found the Woof Brush that she had brought along for me. So I helped myself.

After our mission was accomplished, we took a little wander from the office building to the nearby historic sites.

We came across the Federal Hall where George Washington took the oath as First President of the United States.

Statue of George Washington in front of Federal Hall.

And across from the Federal Hall is the New York Stock Exchange.

Oh, that hurts!

That’s quite a weight on my head!

We walked past Trinity Church …

When Mum spotted this …

Uh-oh! Another hot dog?!?!

She was a hungry. Well, it was time to head back all the way Uptown before she needed another.

This is my taxi face.

Travelling with Darcy was so easy…

Can I tell you something that has changed in NYC? The last time I was here – about six years ago, we walked everywhere because Mum wasn’t sure if taxis took dogs. We weren’t sure if buses allowed dogs and though the subways did – they now only allow dogs in bags.

This time we haven’t had a single cab refuse us. In some ways they are even better than the black cabs in London – because no one ever told me I had to be on the floor. I jumped into the cab and onto the seat.

And what was even more amazing – two of the cab drivers today spoke to us – had a conversation. That never happened before. One of them told us he used to have dogs and cats but no longer as he lives in a small apartment. He turned around to ask my name and wanted to say hello.

Mum asked where he’s from. “Egypt“, he replied. He’s been here for over 21 years.

What’s your name?” Mum asked him. “Salah,” he said. “Like Mo Salah?” Mum responded confidently. “Yes,” the driver laughed. “You follow football?”

Yes, we’re Chelsea fans.Who do you think will win? Liverpool or Manchester?” Mum continued – embarrassingly.

“We hope Liverpool, for sure.” Thankfully we were getting off. But that was an unusual conversation with a NY cab driver.

As we drove uptown, we waved to the Brooklyn Bridge. We don’t have the time this trip to walk across the bridge …

But we had done it on my last trip – back when I was a pup in 2012.

So where to next?

May’s comment:

Getting around in NY taxis allowing dogs in them. Not sure if the buses do and recent reports of subways asking for dogs to be carried in bags – well, we didn’t bring one.


  1. Peter

    My wife and I love your blog and look forward to read about your adventures.
    We wonder how Darcy travels when you are flying”

  2. Belle

    I didn’t know dogs are allowed in NYC cabs. That’s amazing! So fun to see you guys out and about, spreading joy to people.

  3. Peter

    Have you considered visiting Toronto? You are so close now …

  4. Daniel M Hall

    I enjoyed viewing your photos of Darcy in the Wall St. area. I worked in the area for about 10 years. It is now much more residential.
    The following link could be useful for you and Darcy: information about travel policy regarding dogs on NYC buses and subways and more.


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