Let’s hit the road, George!

There is another park in London we needed to check out – Victoria Park all the way in Tower Hamlet. We’ve  never heard of this park before yesterday. But it was really quite far. 

First we waited for the bus …
Here it comes, Mummy! Ready to hop on, George? It’s one of those travelling days when I am on one side of Mummy’s lap and George is on the other.Thankfully the bus ride wasn’t very long and it was a Sunday, so not as crowded as on a week day.

Then a tube ride. A very long tube ride. 15 stops too long for the both of us on Mummy’s lap.A lot can happen in a 15 stop tube ride. All of a sudden a band of musicians entered out coach and guess what they were playing?

(Mummy: Doggies not very impressed. LOL!)

We got lots of pats on the head. George had more than pats. He made friends with the lady sitting next to us.Before you know it, he had climbed onto her lapAnd giving her kisses.  But more importantly, he was winning over the lady’s boyfriend.She loves dogs and wants one so badly – been trying to convince him. SO George did his part today and he actually reached out to stroke George.

15 stops later, we arrived at Mile End Station – and then another ten minute walk to Victoria Park.

After all that, we really needed a run! And off we went! Racing each other as we always do.Little George is fast – he keeps up with me.

We met up with Orlando, the big friendly Vizsla.He’s one big dog that I am not wary of. But because of Orlando, other big dogs want to play with us.I’ll leave you to it, Orlando.

There were a lot of wide open spaces at Victoria Park, or Vicky Park as it’s fondly known.There are cyclists riding through the park and skate boarders …Oh yes, skateboarders. I had to chase one! Isn’t that the thing we’re supposed to do?

With all that running, we were thirsty. We saw the lake but it was a bit too risky to drink from it – that’s what Mummy thought as she yelled at us when we got too close. We might fall in!We walked away thirsty!  But soon after, we came across this structure.
It’s a drinking fountain! (Erected by Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts in 1862.)

There was a lot more to see but the humans had other ideas – lunch, they said.  But we still wanted to run. We never win, do we? They say, “Come!” We go to them. They put our leads on and we leave the grassy lawns for pavement walk.

We went to the sister restaurant of Fazenda where we went to last week.
That’s Annarita again!

We were allowed to sit inside the restaurant but with three of us, especially with big Orlando, we opted to sit at the table in the front of the restaurant.
Orlando could have easily jumped up and taken a bite but he didn’t. Good boy!George was too small to see what was going on.
And I knew I wasn’t getting anything from Mummy, so I tried Camilla.No luck either.

Orlando was getting restless.Time to leave, Mummy. Where are you? Did you fall into the hole?As we were walking back to Mile End Station, we met Cuba. He sure looks a lot like me – except he’s more white. And George was so excited to see another cockapoo because he thinks he’s one! LOL! And then the same journey back to South Kensington …It was a long day but we found a new park, a new dog friendly restaurant and seen some old friends.

May’s comment: Vicky Park or People’s Park is officially Victoria Park within Greater London.

Opened in 1845, it is the oldest public park. In the late 1800s, it became an essential amenity for the working classes of the East End.   This park may have been the only large stretch of uninterrupted greenery the children in the East End ever encountered.

Due to its proximity to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, it had recently been refurbished and many of the historic artefacts have been reinstated.

Symposium is the sister restaurant of Fazenda. Serving home made Italian food, it has a large selection of wines.

Located at 363 Roman Rd, London E3 5QR


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    Georgie you little love bug, I bet you have all the girls eating out of your paw!!

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