A quintessential English summer street party

Freddie told us – “It’s the day of the Connaught Village Street party!

Yay! Let’s go!

And the party dogs has arrived!!!Ah, some familiar faces  – Marcel and Hattie! Hattie? Well, that’s the back of her on the top of the stairs.There were hoomans there from a different era! It sure felt like we travelled back in time!There was free ice-cream! Lots of opportunities for us to strike a poseWhether it was on beach chairsWe were an unexpected entertainment – we added to the street party’s atmosphere!We’re always posing! At every opportunity! Our hoomans are obsessed!

We also posed with Punch and Judy – well, we were a bit early so Freddie decided to take the stage. He did make me laugh.

We also literally made our mark
Taking over the streetThere were bands playingMarching along the street

We made flower wreaths for our hair.I tried on tiaras that suited me!Then Marcel and I wore our crowns and tiaras – at the the lovely Ritva Westenius bridal shop.We were still a bit giddy from the Royal Wedding – pretending we’re getting married.

And then I don’t really know what happened …OMG! Did we or didn’t we, Marcel? What would our babies look like?

May’s comment: What a fun and unexpected party!  The Connaught Village is a leafy haven in the heart of the West End.  Once a year they hold a community street party.

We stopped for a much-needed quench of thirst at Abasto an Argentinian wine bar which is dog-friendly. 55 – 57 Connaught Street, W2 2BB


  1. Frank Gee

    Amazing. ??

  2. Pat Carter

    How on earth do you get them to pose the way they do, it’s a dog’s life

  3. Cheryl

    What a fun day! You always find the most interesting and fun things to do!

  4. Angie Salmon

    Once again fab pics and hilarious comments …. Keep it up Darcy and co ??

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