Come! Wait! Sit! Treat! OK!

There was a lot of that yesterday.   I like the TREAT part – lots of turkey for me!

It was a lovely day at the park and after a long day with Nelson, Mummy came to meet me there. I didn’t realise that my new trainer Vanessa was coming too!  We spent some time with my recall. IMG_5418IMG_5419 And then there was cheese! But instead of letting me lick it off her hand, she dabbed it on my nose! So I spent time licking my nose – I guess that was to distract me.IMG_5420

IMG_5423May’s comment: I started working on Darcy’s recall late last year as well as her tendency to bark at big dogs, particularly German Shepherds. It takes as much eye-speech-action coordination from me as much as expected from Darcy!  I started working with Vanessa who is a dog behaviourist and been practising. Good thing is Darcy is so easily lured by food that one can get her to do anything. She’s a fast learner and responds very quickly – it’s a matter of time. Whatever she has not done is totally my fault. I didn’t know better. I started off watching Cesar Milan’s videos and then realised that’s not the way to go. So now I have to replace that part of training I did with Darcy early on.

She’s doing really well with the short distance recall, and yesterday we added distractions of big dogs and again she’s getting it. I also have to step in to block her view and the repeated sit command and treat.  The funny thing is she was more reactive to any dogs approaching because of the treats!!!!

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