Sleeping through the booming fireworks

Was it the ThunderShirt? Was it the Pet Calm? Or was it a day out with the kids? Or a combination of all three?

George had a lovely day out with Emily (5) and Mark (3).img_9195Both the kids love dogs but where they live, they’re not allowed to have pets. So their daddy, who knows us really well, had asked if they could meet George and take him for a walk. So yesterday, George met them both. img_9188They were beyond excited but also fearful – because it is one thing to love the notion of a dog but to finally encounter a real one was a little overwhelming for Emily.img_9192 Mark kept wanting to stroke George – he was very gentle. And he couldn’t stop laughing when George licked his hand.img_9189 But Emily held back.

Mark couldn’t wait to get goingimg_9194 Once they were in the park, Emily wanted to take George’s extendable lead.img_9281When they got home, he was let off the lead in their backyard.img_9280And he went to explore all the smells. img_9277But Mark was not far behind him!img_9278Back home, Emily found the confidence to touch and stroke George. img_9285They couldn’t get enough of him.

Really? I have to go?” asked George at the end of the day.img_9279 May’s comment: When George came home from a day out with the kids, I wrapped him in the Thunder Shirt as the Bonfire fireworks started. I squirted some Pet Calm into his mouth. Closed all the curtains and turned up the telly – perfect night in – Strictly and X-Factor and then Jonathan Ross show – till the dreaded last hours of the day when we have to venture out for a last relief. But all went well too. I was inspired to treat my dog with a natural remedy after my friend told me that using CBD oil for pets kept her dog calm last time they had fireworks in her neighborhood. You can find CBD products for pets on websites like this one: Just remember, if you are contemplating using natural relaxation products for your pets, remember to do your research first and consult with a vet if you are unsure.

He heard the noise, he stopped and listened but he wasn’t shaking. He laid down on the bed and when the big ones went off, he raised his head.img_9282 And resumed sleeping.img_9283 Not sure what it was that did the job. img_9294I have never seen him sleep so deeply, even snoring! Darcy’s the snorer but George did his bit last night. img_9290 George: Are you taking a photo of me while I am sleeping?img_9291 The next big test will be riding in the car.

On another note, it was absolutely special to watch Emily and Mark meeting George for the first time – their faces lit up with such delight and curiosity. George loves children and he is not afraid of them. Emily so wanted to be brave but fear held her back. Whenever George approached her, she hid behind her father. But Mark was beside himself with excitement. He was very gentle with George.img_9286 They both couldn’t wait to walk George in the park. Emily wanted to hold George’s lead. Eventually with time, she gained familiarity and confidence. After awhile, Mark, being 3 and a boy quickly was distracted. But Emily became even more engaged. No TV, no iPads, nothing. It was all about George. She got him to do “paw” in Hungarian – forgot to mention that they are a Hungarian family. And when the time came to take George home, there were tears as she stood by the window to wave goodbye to her new friend. Looks like George had won them over as well.



  1. Elizabeth Burman

    What a lovely story, and Georgie looks so cute curled up asleep. Probably a combination of all those things led to a peaceful night for George.

  2. Peter

    Thank you May for allowing us to have George on Saturday. The kids keep asking where he is now and when he can come to ours again 🙂
    It was a great day ,a very tiring too.

  3. Laura Cordovano

    I just love reading your stories May. So wonderful for those children to have a positive interaction with George each in their own way. And everyone so tired at the end of the day even better. I swear by Pet Calm. Can’t wait to hear how it goes in a car. ?

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