“We could not have done it without you.”

Today is Remembrance Sunday. And as we do every year, while the hoomans remember those who fought for our freedom in the many wars, we visited the Animals in War memorialThere were a row of poppy wreaths … From various animal charities …And rescue centresWe were very touchedAnd amongst them was this card on a wreath from a family in Christchurch, Dorset:Which read:

We will always remember.

True Heroes –

Couldn’t have been done without you.

In human conflict, you had no choice.

We will always remember. xxxSomeone even left food for the mulesAs they carried the burdens of war.

Thank you, respect and remembrance.May’s comment: I was moved to tears by the efforts of so many who left messages for the animals.

While ceremonies throughout the nation commemorated Remembrance Day, there was no one there this morning – except a solitary man who asked us if there would be a ceremony. I don’t know, I answered.  I guess not.

The animal in War memorial is at the corner of Brook Street and Park Lane.



  1. Christina LeDee

    How beautiful and touching.

  2. Jill Green

    My Father, who was served with the Chindits in Burma during WW II said they could not have done it without the mules. I must visit this memorial when I’m in London.

  3. Margaret Danks

    They had no choice. It saddens me to know that so many animals had to sacrifice their lives, as they still do now as military service dogs. My little furries will be getting extra cuddles tonight.

  4. Cheryl Adams

    Thank you for posting this, I am so moved. I’m going to make sure we visit the memorial the next time we’re in London!

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